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Farley’s favorite things your cat needs

Whisker Fabulous Farley Waddlesworth in Sneaker Bed

Did you know I am the spokescat for fine feline living? Because of that, it is my duty to tell you all the fabulous things your cat needs to be happy in your household. You probably got some money this past Christmas, so the least you can do is shower your kitty with gifts since they put up with all your human ridiculousness. Excessive petting, talking to us in a baby voice, making us play with feather toys you can’t move fast enough, and feeding us cheap cat food is why it’s time to pony up presents.

Stuff I love…

First of all, every cat needs a stylish lunch pail for when they come to work with you or take a trip. I like the My Petpail, a portable pet food and water container that also doubles as a pet travel dish and waste bag dispenser. I share it with my dog sister Josie, who really likes it because mom can elevate the bowls so she doesn’t have to crouch down to eat or drink.  It’s also spill-proof. That’s important because she is your typical, elderly slobbery dog. It comes in a variety of colors.

Whisker Fabulous My Pet Pail
Available on

Another must have: the teeny tiny tent for your indoor cat. This was my Christmas present. It’s so freaking cute! It’s the first specialized tent for kitties. It’s also handcrafted and designed to be “cute, comfortable and functional.” A fleece mat inside will make your cat fall asleep under your roof. The manufacturer says the fabric is designed to weather the elements, so if you have a leaky roof your cat will still stay warm and dry. It did take some effort to put it together and was a little bit on the flimsier side than mama thought, but overall it functions quite well for when I am camping in the great outdoors (aka: the living room).

Cat Camp Tent
Cat Camp Tent

With New Year’s 2019 coming right around the corner, how about something to help your pet’s fitness goals? Mummy wants me to work out, even though I am already slim and trim. She thinks exercise will make me feel less stressed. Starting January 1, Mom and I have decided we will do five minutes of agility training a day. She already got me this cool indoor agility set,which has everything from a tunnel to weave poles to a jump. Since I am food motivated, I will do anything for kibble. It’s a set that’s made for dogs, but more and more cats are doing agility training. Yes, contrary to what everyone thinks, you can train cats.

Outward Hound Agility Set
Available on

While you’re out and about, how about this cool DOOG Walkie bag in polka dot print? While it’s made for dogs, mama often brings it along when she takes me on long walks. She stores treats in it to keep me moving. It also has a water bottle and an easy to access pouch for disposable bags underneath the flap. This also really comes in handy when my dog sister does her business. DOOG stands for Dog Owners Outdoor Gear and it’s an Australian company. They also make a cool walkie belt, which is basically the bag in a waist belt.  Their products are designed to making walking with your pet enjoyable.

DOOG Walkie Bag
DOOG Walkie Bag

Your kitty will love you

These are just a few of my favorite things that I have recently tried out. They’re all super cool and very practical for the cat lover who wants the best for their feline. While I know some were originally made for dogs, they work for cats like me just fine. These are great products to spoil yourself or your kitty who has everything.  But what if you’re now in debt because of the Christmas indulgences you just splurged on for yourself, friends or family? Don’t worry, a cardboard box suffices as a gift of love if your cash flow is tight at the moment. Remember: fabulous cat gifts come at all price points.

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