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The best cat books to read and enjoy

Whisker Fabulous best cat books to read and enjoy

What are the best cat books to read? Now is a great time to educate yourself about why kitties do the things they do. I personally love nonfiction, especially educational or funny books about cats.

In this blog post I’ll tell you about some of my favorite books. Most are not new, but they’re classics, educational or just plain fun. They’re books every cat lover needs in their home library.

Best Cat Care Books

I love Anitra Frazier’s classic The Natural Cat. This book is one of the first books to advocate for natural health care in cats. It’s an oldie originally published in 1981. It answers basic questions about grooming, nutrition, common health problems and why your cat won’t use the scratching post or litter box. Written at a time when pets weren’t always treated like members of the family, this book is groundbreaking for its time. Anitra also advocates for homemade cat food and holistic approaches to veterinary care.

Whisker Fabulous Best Cat Book to read and enjoy
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Another one I really like is Pam Johnson-Bennett’s Think like a cat: how to raise a well adjusted cat, not a sour puss. This is one of the best cat care books and is an excellent resource for first-time pet owners. The book addresses issues like biting and aggression. The book is great for giving basic solutions to common problems.

Whisker Fabulous best cat book to read and enjoy
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When it comes to books for children, I really love Arden Moore’s new A Kid’s Guide to Cats. It’s not only great for kids, but adults as well. It’s chock full of great information that’s easy to understand. Everybody of all ages can learn about breeds, cat behavior, how to make toys, how to teach a cat tricks and how to keep cats healthy. My favorite part is Arden’s description of a “poopologist.” As a pet safety first aid expert, Arden also outlines important things every cat owner should know if their kitty has an emergency. Her cat, Pet Safety Cat Casey, makes appearances throughout the book.

Whisker Fabulous Best Cat Books to read for children
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Funny Cat Books

A new book that came out in 2018 is the Japanese book, Cat Paws. This is the perfect book when you just want a dose of cuteness. It’s a small picture book with only four pages of text, that covers claws, paw pads, colors of paw pads and loafing, when a kitty tucks its paws underneath its body. (It’s called loafing because they look like a loaf of bread.) This is the perfect coffee table book that’s sure to spark interesting conversation if your guests are crazy about cats. All of the kitties featured are from Japanese Instagram pages.

Best cat book to read
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The Japanese are known for loving everything cute and Kittens on Vacation doesn’t disappoint. It’s another coffee table book with photography by Shinjiro Sagara. The book shows kittens on vacation all over the world. They’re romping in the Swiss Alps, taking a boat ride in Venice, hanging out on top of a Mercedes Benz in Germany, and exploring Australia with koalas. It’s once again an oldie but goodie, printed in 1991. A highly enjoyable read.

Whisker Fabulous Best Cat Books to Read and Enjoy
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How-to cat books

Another classic favorite is The Cat’s House by Bob Walker, published in 1996. It’s really a how-to book on how to make a “feline vision of fancy.” The book explains the home of San Diego resident Bob Walker and his wife Frances, who completely transformed their home into a “cat house.” There are walkways and stairways connecting room to room from the top to the bottom. Their decor is eclectic with cutaways in a variety of shapes and sizes. The home was a ten year labor of love and there are step by step directions on how you can make your own home a paradise for cats too.

Whisker Fabulous best cat book to read and enjoy
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Knowledge is power

No matter what you read, knowledge is power. The more you understand your cat, the better your bond with your feline. Inspire yourself with laughter or learn why kitties do the things they do. Reading makes for a better kitty and you.

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