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Welcome to my blog!

I’m Farley Waddlesworth, a former homeless kitten who turned into a spoiled rotten cat. I’m bold and beautiful and here to give you and your kitty the scoop on getting fancy while you master the art of fine feline living. All views are my own and written with the help of my human because she has the opposable thumbs.

Whisker Fabulous' Farley Waddlesworth and his Catogram Speedy Bag
Absolutely Fabulous: The Louis Vuitton Catogram Collection
If there’s any brand or designer collection that embodies what Whisker Fabulous stands for, it’s Louis Vuitton. I am just
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Whisker Fabulous Saintly City Cat Show Winner
Who’s the fanciest Feline? the beauty contest of cat shows
I think I am the most dapper kitty in the world. I have a big attitude even though I come
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Whisker Fabulous: Heidi Wigdahl KARE-TV Reporter and husband Eliot
Heidi Wigdahl: TV reporter and the ultimate catvocate
My human mummy runs in a small circle of friends. As a former television journalist and government bureaucrat, she has
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Courtesy: The Source
Couture Cat: Why I love Chanel and Choupette
Did I tell you I have some very first world problems? I love fancy things. I have a taste for
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Whisker Fabulous Cat Writer Farley Waddlesworth
The All New Whisker Fabulous: The Art of Fine Feline Living
After four years being a dog and cat blog, Whisker Fabulous will now be solely focused on cats. This decision
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Cat in kids stroller on a trip in park. Interesting game outdoor in sunny day
Getting Fit with Your Feline
I don’t know about you, but I like to set goals for myself. Even though I’m a cat, I believe
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