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Welcome to my blog!

I’m Farley Waddlesworth, a former homeless kitten who turned into a spoiled rotten cat. I’m bold and beautiful and here to give you and your kitty the scoop on getting fancy while you master the art of fine feline living. All views are my own and written with the help of my human because she has the opposable thumbs.

Whisker Fabulous' Josie and Farley Showcase Remember Me Thursday
Help Homeless Animals: It’s Remember Me Thursday
How can you help homeless animals? Take to social media! Remember Me Thursday shines a light on pet adoption and it's our day to call attention to adoption.
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Whisker Fabulous cats eating dry and wet cat food
Should you mix dry and wet cat food together?
Should you mix dry and wet cat food together? What about combining it with water? Whisker Fabulous and Purina are teaming up to give the answers.
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Etsy Cat Food Bowls
Cute Cat Bowls for Wet Food That Every Kitty Needs
Your kitty needs to eat. Skip the boring, stainless steel and go for cute cat food bowls that are perfect for wet food.
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Catt eating wet food
How long does wet cat food last?
How long does wet cat food last? You may be surprised. Read more in this Whisker Fabulous blog post.
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Cat eating wet food
Do cats need wet food? Yes they do!
Do cats need wet food? Should I only feed my cat wet food? These are all questions cat owners should be asking.
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Whisker Fabulous cat wearing clothes
Can cats wear clothes? Five tips for cat owners
There's nothing more fun than dressing up your cat in sweaters, Halloween costumes and accessories. But is it safe to put clothes on cats?
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