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Do cats need wet food? Yes they do!

Cat eating wet food

Do cats need wet food? Yes they do! Did you know I eat A LOT of wet cat food? As a kitty with urinary problems, I need all the water I can get in my little body. I had to start eating canned food at about six months old. That’s when I started having trouble peeing. I would strain to go to the bathroom in the litter box and then blood would come out. My human noticed it when I left a trail of blood from the litter box to the couch.

It was pretty horrible. Mom rushed me to the emergency vet where they diagnosed me with idiopathic cystitis, which is inflammation of the bladder without a true known cause. Purina veterinarian Dr. RuthAnn Lobos says the disease “is caused by stress, physical or emotional, or other inflammatory conditions, like obesity or diet that can subject a cat to bladder inflammation.”

From then on I was forced to eat canned food. Not just any cat food, but prescription urinary cat food. My veterinarian told mom I need more water in my diet. I am not a picky eater, I love whatever comes in front of my face so eating mushy food was not a problem.

Cats need water for healthy hydration

According to my friends at the Purina company, dry food doesn’t have much moisture. If you feed dry food only, you need to make sure your cat gets more water from a dish or a water fountain.

Cats are not efficient drinkers. Did you know a single lap only gives your cat about 3/100 of a teaspoon? Water is essential for chemical reactions in the body, temperature regulation and joint health and mobility. It makes up about 60 percent of your cat’s body, so make sure your kitty is getting enough water.

Dry cat food has no moisture so mix dry and wet

If your cat has no health issues, it’s great to feed a mix of dry and wet food. Many of my cat friends who don’t have health problems eat dry kibble in the morning and canned wet food in the evening. Some of my feline friends are little fatties, so they eat dry food for one meal because it can go into a puzzle feeder. Their humans want them to burn some calories and play for their food, in hopes that they lose a little weight.

Wet food is healthiest for strong muscles

Wet food is also high in protein, which supports strong muscles and helps maintain muscle mass as your kitty gets into its senior years.

Did you know a cat’s total body weight is made up of lean body mass (LBM) and fat mass? Veterinarians at Purina say “muscles, ligaments, bones, organs are all considered LBM. As cats age, they naturally lose LBM. Feeding wet cat food with high protein content can help maintain LBM as cats age.”

Cats love flavor variety in wet cat food

Just as many people dislike eating the same foods every day, cats are the same way. I love eating new kinds of food and I crave new tastes. After awhile dry food gets boring. Give me a choice and I’ll take the wet stuff.

Even though I am supposed to stick to a prescription diet, mom often gives me non prescription foods as a treat before I go to bed. Lately, I have been eating Purina’s Fancy Feast because the nice people there gave everyone who attended the Cat Writers Association some cans to give to their kitties. When mom got home I meowed in delight at the sight of new food!

Farley Waddlesworth eats wet cat food
Farley Waddlesworth inhaling his wet cat food

Teaming up with Purina to promote wet cat food

Purina is currently in a campaign to promote cats eating wet cat food so the company asked me to help out and spread the word about the importance of hydration in cats. Since I personally eat Purina products I of course said yes! And, the company does wonderful work in supporting animal shelters and homeless dogs and cats. My mom works at an animal shelter here in Minnesota and Purina gives them amazing support. They supply all the food and kitty litter for more than 20,000 animals every year. Very few pet companies give that level of donation.

Purina would also like to give a few cases of Fancy Feast to Whisker Fabulous readers. If you would like to win one, here’s all you have to do:

  • Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already (sign up is below this post)
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  • Write a comment below about your thoughts on wet cat food.

That’s it. I will pick a random winner or two. I hope you will participate!

Purina graciously provided free product for the giveaways. This post contains affiliate links for which I earn income if you click through and make a purchase.


  1. Paula Kowaleski

    My babies have eaten Fancy Feast forever. I have been buying it since the 1980’s. I have so many years of Christmas ornaments that you used to give, many years ago. All of my babies always live Fancy Feast.

  2. Cheryl DeSilva

    I have 6 cats and 4 are rescues who stayed…I love them all. I’ll mix water with their moist and they love gravy flavors. I also feed 3 outdoors cats who’s owners seem to forget where they are. I put out 2 bowls for water and change it few times day just like i do for my babies inside who are ages 6 to 13..2 tuxedos, 3 black cats and 1 big orange tabby.

    • Mary Tan

      That is what I do for little Farley as well. I love how you are such a kitty lover. I wish no kitties would be homeless. πŸ™‚

  3. Shelly Sandy

    All of our kitties live wet food. Although we have two kitties on special diets, our vet recommended mixing some Fancy Feast wet into their feeding routine. Two then eat prescription dry for other meals. Our kitten eats FF wet, too.

  4. April

    I never knew this about cats. I have 3 and my one cat has urinary problems (also FIV positive). Very informative and I will start feeding my cats more wet food.

    • Mary Tan

      Bless you for having an FIV kitty. They are so wonderful and in the past shelters used to euthanize them, I really think at least one wet meal a day is great for all kitties.

  5. Meridith Vaughan

    My kitten gets 1/2 a 3oz can twice a day. I also give him cat milk on really hot days, I freeze it and he loves it.

  6. Jeannie Palen

    I have spent thousands at the vet clinic. Ever since I have been giving my three kitties wet food every morning, it has stopped them from having bowel issues. I still give them dry food, but this one simple change to their diet has solved impaction.

    • Mary Tan

      I know what that is like. Vet bills are the worst. I really think wet food makes a huge difference in their diet.

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