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Whisker Fabulous is the brainchild of Mary Tan who just wants cats to have a bigger voice in the world. The blog is written through the voice of her cat, Farley Waddlesworth, and based on the following principles:

  • Cats are on this planet to be spoiled because they are regal in nature.
  • Kitties signify luxury. More luxury brands feature cats because they are so stylish and independent.
  • Cats are misunderstood and have special needs unique to them. They’re not dogs and never will be.
  • Felines face discrimination issues and this blog will dispel any myths of the typical “crazy cat lady” image.
  • Humans and their cats should be fancy together to develop an even richer emotional bond.

What makes Farley Waddlesworth worthy of having his own blog? He has a Ph.D. in Farlosophical Science from the University of Feline Studies. His veterinary behaviorist has described him as “one of the smartest cats she’s ever met.” But that comes as a detriment to Mary, because she faces a constant struggle to keep him enriched so he doesn’t exhibit naughty and unwanted behavior. While extremely intelligent, he also suffers from mental illness and takes a tiny Prozac pill daily to get through his crazy spells. Many of his behavioral issues stem from being an orphaned kitten because he had no momma cat or siblings to teach him feline manners. He often hides his mental insecurities through his love of collecting fancy feline things.

Mary is a former award-winning broadcast journalist who reported for local television stations across the United States, as well as Fox News and NBC News. She got out of the business for a career in government public relations but soon realized animal welfare was her true calling. In February of 2018 she became the public relations manager for Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minn., one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the Upper Midwest, where she gets really excited to put homeless animals on the news to help find them permanent homes.

When not working at the humane society, she owns her own video marketing firm called Whisker Media. It’s her mission to give back to homeless cats, and a portion of the proceeds of both Whisker Fabulous and Whisker Media are donated to area animal rescue organizations.

This blog is her outlet to share her love of Farley, felines, fun, fashion and the finer things in life.

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