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Cute Cat Bowls for Wet Food That Every Kitty Needs

Etsy Cat Food Bowls

Cute cat bowls for wet food makes everything taste better. It’s a realization I came to after looking at my super plain stainless steel, shallow bowls on a slightly raised platform. Mine is pretty basic, but I admit it still looks nice… being made of fake wood and rose gold stainless steel. Since I eat primarily wet cat food, my dishes are perfect for that type of food.

Whisker Fabulous' Farley Waddlesworth eating out of a food bowl
Farley Waddlesworth eating out of a food bowl

My mom recently attended SuperZoo in Las Vegas, the pet product trade show, and she was inspired by the amazing food dish options out on the market. Based on scouring the show and the internet, mom decided it was time for a new dining set for me. She couldn’t believe all the cute cat bowls for wet food that you can buy!

Cute Cat Food Bowls

This is one of my favorites. Mom can put in my water, wet and dry food. It gives me so many options at every meal! The happy feline face makes me happy.

Whisker Fabulous Cat Bowl
Available at

I like that this one is elevated, but the ceramic bowls are separated. Perfect for your Fancy Feast.

Whisker Fabulous Cat Bowl
Available at

The A di Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl has the perfect tail as the handle. It’s made of resin but the bowls are stainless steel.

A di Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl
Available at

Stay away from plastic bowls

In selecting cute cat bowls, she made sure none of them were made of plastic. Don’t feed your cat (or any pet for that matter) out of plastic bowls. They crack over time and eventually become covered in bacteria that you can’t clean. Cats can get allergic reactions to the plastic itself and can get acne. Yes, you heard that right… cat acne!

Stainless steel bowls are best

You’ll notice all the bowls I like are stainless steel or ceramic. For years I ate out of stainless steel bowls because they’re strong, never break and are easy to clean and disinfect. If you choose stainless steel bowls, make sure there is a rubber bottom and never use an abrasive cleaner like steel wool. The best way to clean your cat bowl is with mild dish soap and water, but I would recommend giving your pet’s bowls a “deep clean” by putting boiling hot water in it monthly.

Pusheen stainless steel cat food bowl
Available at

Ceramic and Stoneware Bowls

There are also ceramic and stoneware bowls. If you go this route they should be dishwasher safe and have a food-grade, lead-free glaze.  Like stainless steel bowls, ceramic and stoneware should be easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and be able to be subjected to high heat like boiling water. I think many of these bowls are extremely attractive and have more of an “artistic” style. Ceramic bowls can be a great alternative to plastic. If the ceramic bowl isn’t cracked, and properly glazed, bacteria should not be able to breed.

 My dog sister used to have a ceramic bowl and one thing my human didn’t like was that the bowl shattered and cracked. Josie could be a rough and tumble eater when she was hungry and she cracked the darn thing. (Yeah, dogs do that.) The crack was big so mom noticed right away, but micro cracks that can be invisible to the human eye and can easily be  a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. 

And, be sure that any cat ceramic bowl your pet uses does not use lead based paint. Lead based paint flakes are toxic and can kill your cat.

Our Wet Cat Food Campaign with Purina

The right bowl is critical to your pet’s nutrition. I’ve shown you the goods to make sure your cat is dining in style, but when it comes to the food itself we think Purina’s Fancy Feast is what your kitty needs to be healthy and stylish. For the past few weeks, Whisker Fabulous has been collaborating with Purina on their wet cat food campaign. We’ve written a series of blog posts because we believe a wet food diet is critical to your cat’s health.

Purina would like me to give away some cases of Fancy Feast. If you would like to enter to win one, please subscribe to the blog and comment with your thoughts about food bowls and why you feed or don’t feed wet cat food.

Your veterinarian knows what is best for your cat

Finally, with all the options on the market these days for cat food bowls, you should really consult your veterinarian.  Every animal is different and has unique needs. It may need an automatic feeder, an elevated food bowl or shallow food bowl for physical reasons. Whatever it is, know what your cat needs. Nutrition is the basis of health so what you choose to feed your cat in is critical to a long lasting Whisker Fabulous life.

Purina graciously provided free product for the giveaway. This post contains affiliate links for which I earn income if you click through and make a purchase.


  1. Linda Fiumara

    I use stainless steel and ceramic bowls. I wash them daily of course. I feed my two boys wet food daily. In part so they get more liquid in their diet as well as more protein. I also have fed my cats a high protein diet with no grains. I lost my first boy, Madison at the ripe age of 19. He slowed down the last few years but played briefly every day until the last couple of months. I have my present two cats on Fancy Feast as well.

  2. Susan

    I feed both wet and dry food, since I work long hours. They get wet food every morning, but have dry food to free feed from during the day.

  3. Audrey Vinyard

    I have always used China or ceramic bowls for wet food for our cats. Recently I bought a plastic food bowl with sloping design that lets kitty access all the food around the edges. I now will throw that away and need to find a shallow stainless bowl for his wet food. Any suggestions?

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