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Spring Fashion Trend: Polka Dots for you and your Cat

Cat with polka dot collar

It’s all about polka dots when it comes to spring cat fashion trends. While the fashion industry may not necessarily try to influence the high end designer cat fashion world, I am heavily influenced by what I see on the tall, lanky two-legged models. During the spring 2019 fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan, I watched every runway show online to see what fashion trends the feline community might be able to embrace. It’s important that cats reflect their image. That means dressing to our nine lives while we exude an heir of cuteness, confidence and mystique. It also has to be something that looks good on all cats – fat ones, skinny ones and those like myself, who are simply purr-fect. So what should your cat wear to be the most fashionable feline of all?

Designer Polka Dots on the Fashion Runways

I saw fishnets, neutral colors and lots of transparent clothes where you could see through everything… even the model’s bum! I grew sadder and sadder knowing there wasn’t much for cats this fashion season. But then, as I was watching the Marni show, I saw it! OMG! The polka dots! Polka dots look adorable on cats.

Marni Spring 2019 Polka Dot Trend
Courtesy: Marni

There were polka dots everywhere. Models wearing Dolce and Gabbana wore the dots from head to toe for a dotty monochromatic look. Other designers like Marni used polka dots mixed in with other prints for a very busy, yet bright, sunny look. The majority of looks were dots mixed with other fashion trends from the spring season, such as dots on transparent fabric and ruffles. There were even dots with fishnet stockings.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2019 Polka Dot Trend
Courtesy:Dolce and Gabanna

Cute Polka Dots for Your Kitty: No Gucci

Being that we cats already have the luxury of fur, we don’t need much more than a few dots. For me, it’s all about the accessories. I love wearing polka dotted collars, jumping in carriers with dots on it and patterned dots on bedding. Accessories are how I channel my inner fashion sense since I think some cat clothes just get in the way of my mobility. But there are kitties that can rock more than just accessories, check out my post on how to get cats accustomed to wearing clothes.

When it comes to polka dot collars, there are so many of them to choose from! It’s important to choose the right color combination for the shade of your cat’s fur. Cats come in mainly eight colors: white, black, red (ginger), blue/grey, cream, brown, cinnamon and fawn. Felines are really all neutral colors for the most part so anything looks great on us.

Available on

I really love the polka dot collars with bow ties, since I am dapper kitty. But I want one that doesn’t get in my face. Several times mom got me ones with really big bows, and when she wasn’t looking I chewed them off. Those bows tickle my chin and I hate that. Nevertheless, the cat fashion trend of polka dots is easily attainable for any feline fashionista.

The Polka Dot Fashion Trend on People

As for you two-leggers out there, I think you have far more rules to follow when you wear polka dots, because it’s far easier for humans to look like Minnie Mouse.

Fashion blogger Carrie Colbert wrote a great post on the spring trend. Her tips include:

  • Don’t wear too many polka dots all at once. You should wear no more than three different pieces with dots on them.
  • Be careful when wearing black, white and red dots or you may look like you need to work at Disney World.
  • Wear them with other prints as well. (The spring runways showed dots with flowers!)

Whether cat or human, the polka dot trend is definitely the highlight of the spring 2019 fashion season from this cat’s point of view. Of course the best part of all of this? Everyone can rock dots for a fabulous look.

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