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The All New Whisker Fabulous: The Art of Fine Feline Living

Whisker Fabulous Cat Writer Farley Waddlesworth

After four years being a dog and cat blog, Whisker Fabulous will now be solely focused on cats. This decision comes after years of debate in my head. But in the end, my personal passion to change societal attitudes about cats far outweighed my desire to be a generic informational blog for all pet owners. My cat, Dr. Farley Waddlesworth, Ph.D. will continue to be the voice of Whisker Fabulous, except for this post, as I feel more explanation is needed than Farley can handle since he has no opposable thumbs.

Whisker Fabulous cat writer Farley Waddlesworth
Whisker Fabulous cat writer Farley Waddlesworth

Why this is important

The purpose of Whisker Fabulous is to make sure cats have a bigger voice in the world. Felines currently don’t have the same standing in the United States as dogs. Cats face discrimination and according to American Humane, are euthanized at higher rates than canines in animal shelters across the United States. Many of these felines are healthy, adoptable pets. I heard of one story where a shelter in Texas put a litter of Persian cats to sleep simply because there was no place to put them. In other parts of the country, these kittens would have been adopted in shelters in less than a day at premium adoption fees.

The crazy cat lady image… the old, wrinkly, heavy set spinster woman who lives in a dirty home with 30 cats is a detriment to felines. There are more pet cats in the United States than dogs and that stereotype is not representative of today’s cat owner. Living room lions are living fine and fancy! Today’s cat owner is an upwardly mobile, attractive, single young female climbing the corporate ladder armed with her kitty to help her navigate the stress of her job. Or, it’s a fashionable executive in her 30’s or 40’s, whose too busy to find a partner and is content living alone in her beautiful suburban condo with her two pet felines. (The single man or families with children who absolutely adore their cats are also not to be forgotten!)

Whisker Fabulous is a blog based on the following principles:

  • Cats are on this planet because they are regal in nature and deserve to be spoiled rotten.
  • Felines signify luxury. Did you know more luxury couture brands are featuring cats because they are so stylish and independent? (Think Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton)
  • Cats are misunderstood and have special needs unique to them. They’re not dogs and never will be.
  • The crazy cat lady image will be stopped with the help of Whisker Fabulous readers being “catvocates.”
  • Humans and their purring floof balls should always be fancy and fashionable together to develop an even richer emotional bond.

What if you don’t have a cat?

If you’re a Whisker Fabulous reader who solely has dogs, I hope you will continue to subscribe to my posts. There will be many relevant products and advice that will work for your couture canine, especially if they are cat-sized.

Whisker Fabulous cat writer Farley Waddlesworth in Louis Vuitton
Whisker Fabulous cat writer Farley Waddlesworth in Louis Vuitton

As a pet blogger who also has a day job handling public relations at an animal shelter, all opinions are my own. But did you know last year my employer adopted out more than 9,000 cats to Minnesota and Wisconsin families? It is from that perspective that I have seen how new beginnings can start in shelters… when a homeless cat facing a life of uncertainty… suddenly becomes spoiled, fine and fancy overnight. That’s impeccably fabulous.

Mary Tan



  1. Cahlean

    Awesome that Whisker Fabulous is still around and informative! It will be fun to have Farley’s perspective and knowledge about all things cat!

  2. Sonja - Too Much Character

    I’m so glad I checked out this post right meow. It sounds like you know exactly how to put a fun spin on educating others about this.

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