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Come Fly With Me: How One Percenters Fly with their Cat

Whisker Fabulous VistaJet VistaPet Program

I’m ready for a vacation! I told my Mom I want to fly off to somewhere exotic. How about Cape Town South Africa or the gorgeous island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean? She said some day we’ll go on a flight together.

The only reason I asked her is that I just read a social media post from a fellow member of the Cat Writer’s Association. It said one of the world’s most exclusive airlines recently announced special flights for upscale pets. That’s me! VistaJet is launching its new VistaPet flights. It’s luxury for the four-legged.

Luxury Cat Travel

According to a VistaJet, VistaPet flights are “designed in collaboration with veterinarians, practitioners, groomers, nutritionists and coaches to respond to the needs and challenges faced when traveling with animals.”

Is your cat afraid of flying? VistaPet will arrange courses for pet owners and their animals to help your furry family member become desensitized to the sights and sounds of flying. The smell of fuel, the sounds of jet engines, cabin pressure and air turbulence can all have an effect on the scariness of flying for your feline.

The Luxury Flight

Once on board, pets receive a special pochette, which has bio-organic pet food, treats created by a Michelin-starred chef, water-free shampoo and soothing wipes to help furry friends freshen up. Dog jetsetters get extra toys too. (Yeah, pooches get EVERYTHING. Sigh.)

During take off and landing pets are required to be leashed, but during the flight you and your animal can curl up together in some very soft cashmere blankets. And don’t worry about first-class accommodations when you and your pet arrive at your destination, the crew takes care of that.

The Cost of flying with your cat

VistaJet is a members only private jet service and members pay only for the number of minutes they fly. Unlike other private jet services, you don’t have to buy a stake in the airline. Flights are generally between $15,000 and $16,000 and hour and fly at your command 24/7. VistaJet travels anywhere in the world and the airline recently spent $50 billion upgrading their jets.

The airline says they are launching this special pet travel program because they have seen a 104 percent increase in the number of animals that are flying with them. They say one in four of their members brings their pet when they travel.

The lack of travel standards is another reason for the big jump in luxury travel for pets. VistaJet says 75 percent of owners distrust commercial airlines to safely care for their pets, which makes airline travel generally stressful for both animals and their humans.

Every part of the plane and the service model pays attention to meticulous detail. The food is created by chefs from Nobu and you and your cat will sit in Italian leather seats. Thirsty? A martini or a glass of red wine is at your beckon call!

Feline Fashion Accessories

When you travel like a VistaPet, it’s important to look the part. I’ve been studying the fashion of jetsetting and it’s all about the accessories. I personally like to sit in my Louis Vuitton carrier or my Sleepypod bed when I travel. Both are big enough for my own soft fleece blanket, which I prefer because it has my own scent on it.

Whisker Fabulous cat writer Farley Waddlesworth in Louis Vuitton
Whisker Fabulous cat writer Farley Waddlesworth in Louis Vuitton

I actually have never traveled by plane. Mom was going to bring me to Phoenix, Ariz. and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but she chickened out. She decided it would be too stressful for both her and I to fly commercial and go through standard airport security. The farthest I have ever gone is Kansas City, Mo., only because she knew she could safely drive me there.

Still, I’m holding my breath for the opportunity to be a VistaPet jetsetter. I’m an eternal optimist. It would be fun to be spoiled rotten 45,000 feet in the air. I know I’m worth it because I’m a cat. Meow.

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