Riley B. King

Hi my name is Riley. I was adopted by my humans from the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society in April 2009. I’ve been told I was named Riley B. King after a legendary blues guitarist because I used to love cuddling with my dad while he played BB King.

I used to be a lot more active but as I have gotten older I have mellowed out a lot. I used to have a girlfriend – Maggie May – but she has since passed away so I have forged on as a single bunny. My humans tried to bond me with Georgie but he didn’t like me very much. I just wanted kisses and snuggles and Georgie wasn’t having it.

Even though I am blind, I still get around my pen just fine and make sure I live a Whisker Fabulous life every day. I like to graze on my hay throughout the day and get fresh veggies at night along with some treats once and awhile.

I recently retired as a therapy bunny (sigh, I will miss the warm beds at Children’s Hospital) due to some medical issues but am looking forward to sharing my experiences on this blog.

I live with my Mommy Taryn, Daddy Dave, human siblings Vai and Hendryx and fellow bunny Georgie. Mom is a huge animal advocate.  She promotes animal adoption and educating people on the wonderful world of bunnies. Both Georgie and I are certified Pet Partner therapy animals. Currently Mommy volunteers with Georgie at Children’s Hospital, PAWS through the University of Minnesota and the READ program.

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