JosieAs a puppy Josie was homeless and abused and wandered the streets of San Antonio, TX. In 2009, Josie was rescued by a lady who often brought stray animals from shelters in southern states to ones in northern states, where demand for adoptable dogs and cats is higher. The Jack Russell Terrier mix ended up at a shelter in Buffalo, MN where she was treated for severe mange and socialized to become a family pet.

After several failed adoptions and more than a year in the shelter, Josie finally found her forever home but still deals with effects from being the victim of abuse.

Since 2009, the 40 pound pooch has come a long way! She is no longer afraid of men and no longer shakes in a corner by herself. She is her Daddy’s best friend and enjoys being pampered and snuggled.

When not sleeping, eating or playing, she enjoys reading things about the Pope, hanging out with her feline brother Farley Waddlesworth, taking long walks in the neighborhood and wearing clothes inspired by Chanel and Burberry.

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