Georgie Porgie

Georgie-Porgie1Hi my name is Georgie! I was adopted by my humans from the Animal Humane Society in St. Paul, Minn. in April 2010. Once I got into my new home I fit right in. My humans couldn’t understand why I was returned two times because I’m such a lovable active boy who is very good with his litter box. I’m quite Whisker Fabulous if I do say so myself! Did I tell you I also have a big personality?

I live in part of the kitchen and have plenty of mats, boxes and door frames to chew on. I love to escape out of the gate when my family leaves it open. Sometimes I venture down the hall and under my humans’ bed where there’s lots of stuff to explore.

I LOVE head rubs, attention (even if it’s me being chased down the hall back to my area), exploring and food! My favorite treats are: bananas, apples, carrots…who am I kidding I like it all, especially the leafy greens I get nightly.

My human mommy Taryn is my chief caretaker, but I have a daddy named Dave and two non-furry human siblings who play with me as well. I also have an older bunny brother named Riley, who will be a Whisker Fabulous bunny writer as well!

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