Dr. Farley Spencer Waddlesworth

Dr. Farley Spencer Waddlesworth, also known as Dr. Waddlesworth, joined the Whisker Fabulous blog team on September 12, 2015. Farley caught the eye of Mary Tan after he was brought to the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota at two weeks old. His mother had abandoned him and he was being sent home to be bottle fed by a volunteer when Mary saw him. It was love at first sight!

Farley has been a challenging project for his human. Because he was an orphaned kitten, he didn’t learn proper feline manners.  Mary worked tirelessly on teaching Mr. Waddlesworth some manners. He eventually progressed and is now much better behaved. As an adult cat, he continually proves his intelligence and his quest for knowledge. He received his doctoral degree in Farlosophical Science (the study of himself)  from the University of Feline Studies, an online university for bored cats. He is excited to share his opinions on everything related to cats.

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