Everywhere Eddie

Orange Tabby Eddie was left in a shoebox with his baby brother outside a northern Minnesota business. Eventually, Eddie made his way to a wonderful woman in southern Minnesota who fosters homeless cats. That’s when his mom “found” him on the internet. She was searching for a new friend for her Siamese rescue Myrtle who had just lost her feline friend Danny.

After a short meet and greet, Baby Eddie was on his way to the Twin Cities. While he was terrified during his two-hour car ride home, Eddie adjusted to his new digs right away. Eddie’s mom kept him in his carrier for less than half an hour in the living room. There was lots of sniffing and sounds exchanged and then out came Eddie to meet his new housemate.

Today, Eddie and Myrtle are the best of friends! Sure, Eddie “beats” her up for fun. He is a big lug compared to Myrtle but he keeps her spry since she’s nearly double his age. And there is lots of cuddling!

While Eddie is a good sleeper at night, during the day his preference is to be on the go. He loves walks outside with him mom and if only he could really hunt! Alas, he is on a leash and mom doesn’t let him hurt any creatures. Other than that she does cater to his every whim which doesn’t always help her daily productivity but Eddie gets what he wants! He can be quite demanding but that face… His nose crinkles when he mews and there is so much cuteness his mom just caves.

So there will more adventures outdoors and inside. You will find Eddie everywhere! That’s how he got his name. His dad who has nearly tripped over him a dozen times says, “Geez Eddie… do ya gotta be everywhere?!” Of course the answer is a resounding yes!

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