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Excuse me! But with this blog post I must vent. My human did some stupid things to me over the past few months and I’m not taking it anymore. Over the weekend a photographer came to my house to take pictures of me for this blog. I didn’t want my picture taken but my human tricked me into posing by giving me treats, catnip and toys. It worked for the first ten minutes but then I caught on and I stopped dead in my tracks. I put my butt to the camera lens and refused to move. When mom tried to get me to slide over, I bit her; not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to give her a love bite. The photographer looked alarmed but I didn’t care because I was furious at her.

Whisker Fabulous BlogPaws 2018

Blogpaws 2018: Right after I snapped and freaked out. With my Uncle Daniel and my Mom

This is the second time in the past year that my guardian has put me in situations where she knows I won’t like it.The other time was when she went to the 2018 BlogPaws pet blogging conference in Kansas City, Mo. We attended the gala event which had a red carpet photo opportunity. I had attended the entire conference in my stroller, which is my safe little house. (I have no problem exploring new areas as long as I am zipped up in it.) But when it came turn for our photo, mom took me out of the stroller and I saw all these weird people staring at me. I wanted back in right away, so I swatted and hissed at my mom, hitting her in the eye. The entire crowd gasped as they watched the drama unfold. It was so embarrassing for both of us.

I realize my behavior was horrible and I am a brat. But I want you to know that I did not ask to be put on the internet.  I love to write but this blog is her idea, not mine. If I had my way, my articles would be completely private and I would never be seen in public. Since Whisker Fabulous is out on the world wide web, I feel like now would be a great opportunity to educate all pet owners about the importance of respecting your pet. My mom failed me because she knew I would react badly when she pulled me out in front of all the cameras. Despite knowing that, she did anyways. She put her selfish desires of having photos of me at an event over my mental state. She knows I have troubles with over stimulation and she chose to forget that detail about me.

So how do you make sure you respect your animal’s personality?

  • You have to know where your pet is comfortable. You need to know what sets off triggers of fear or aggression and avoid placing your animals in those situations as much as possible.
  • Before you adopt, know what you want to do with the animal. Will your furry friend be primarily at home or out in the world exploring new places? Do you want your pet to be an Instagram star or the next Lassie? Adopt an animal that fits your goals and lifestyle.

My mom always wanted a blog where she could write about her passion for pets. When she first decided to adopt me I was only two weeks old, having come into the animal shelter as an abandoned orphan kitten. She had no idea about the behavioral issues orphaned kittens like me face when they have no mama or siblings to help teach them manners. When she took me home at eight weeks old, I was in full biting mode. My behavior was so bad,  she hired a veterinary animal behavior expert to help her deal with me after I accidentally tripped my elderly human grandpa and broke his wrist.

Whisker Fabulous' Farley Waddlesworth

Yup… I am cute.

While mom doesn’t regret adopting me or have any plans to return me to the humane society, she will take behavior into account when adopting a new animal in the future. She will always take into consideration the goals of pet ownership rather than the attractiveness of an animal. In fact, if mom has told me if she ever adopts another animal, she plans on hiring an animal behaviorist as a consultant to help make sure the animal fits with her lifestyle.

After the last photography session, I meowed at my Mom and told her “no more!” She agreed to be more sensitive to my needs, so I forgive her. She still wants me to do more modeling, but only on my terms. I do admit I like seeing myself on this blog. I’m cute and adorable, and when I look at people in my special way I get what I love most: treats and catnip! That’s Whisker Fabulous.



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