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Did you know Thursday is a pretty special day for me and my kitty brother Farley?  We’re both former rescue animals who once were homeless. Thursday is the sixth annual Remember Me Thursday® event and we’re participating! The day unites animal lovers and pet welfare organizations on the fourth Thursday in September to be an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphaned four-legged friends.  The event shines a light on the millions of healthy animals who are still awaiting adoption and encourages communities to promote adoption so we can reduce the millions of animals euthanized each year. In honor of it, the folks at the Helen Woodward Animal Center just outside of San Diego, Calif. sent the two of us some cool bandanas to call attention to the cause.

Whisker Fabulous Remember Me Thursday

Me and my cat brother Farley

I can still remember the day I was captured as a stray in San Antonio, Texas by a rescue group… back in 2008. I was covered in mange and it was an awful time in my life.  That rescue group drove me to another rescue organization here in Minnesota where I was adopted and returned multiple times for being shy and fearful. Luckily, my humans understood my needs, worked with me on trusting people and gave me the permanent home I had previously only dreamed of.

My brother Farley was a different story.  He was surrendered as a two week old kitten to our local shelter after surviving a horrible overnight rainstorm. His mom had left him a few days earlier and never returned. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t remember his nightmarish experience, because he’s such a fearless little demanding devil who will meow until he gets what he wants. I guess it’s better that he remembers nothing from those days.

Whisker Fabulous Remember Me Thursday Blogger BadgeDid you know Remember Me Thursday® has been around since 2013 and is supported by 180 countries through thousands of individuals and animal welfare organizations around the globe?  Many are holding candle-lighting ceremonies to call attention to the needless euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals. Lots of stars are even getting in on the activities: Diane Keaton, Carrie Ann Inaba, Katherine Heigl, Kristin Chenoweth, and dozens more, along with professional sports teams, who are all going to use social media to share the adoption message.

So what can you do to help? The event’s organizers would like you and everyone you know to talk about pet adoption by tweeting, tagging, posting and sharing something about the life-saving significance of pet adoption. Use the hashtag #RememberMeThursday.  And, also add a picture of your rescue pet to the #RememberMeThursday Photo Wall, where you’ll have the chance to win funds, food, and toys for a shelter or rescue of your choice. For more information about all of this, go to

I hope you’ll get involved. Raising awareness is the only way to end needless euthanasia and get wonderful animals into permanent homes. When that happens, life will be oh so Whisker Fabulous!

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