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Hi Everyone!

It’s been awhile since I posted on this site. Life has been busy and unfortunately, it has been sad as well. Two months ago I lost my older sister Myrtle, a Siamese cat who was always the rock by my side. She was always the calm, laid-back sweet one. It’s been really hard on my family.  I’ll never forget the day we sent Myrtle to heaven.

Whisker Fabulous' Everywhere Eddie and Myrtle

Me and Myrtle

My mom was crying so hard that morning. She said to me, “We need to help Myrtle go to a better place.” I was actually staring into her eyes when she said that and I knew instantly it was going to be an sad day. My dear sister had been recently diagnosed with the most aggressive form of cancer we cats can get. I heard my mom and dad talking about the options – there really weren’t any except medicine and comfort. Myrtle struggled to breathe in her last days and was no longer eating. I watched with sadness and I could tell she was in really bad shape. I felt horrible because this wasn’t the Myrtle I knew. My sister was always dainty with beautiful silky fur and now she was skin and bones. She loved to eat but no longer. No more wrestling. No more mischievous behavior. No more mews. This was not the Myrtle I knew.  Earlier in the week we had one last day basking in the sun.

That morning my mom and dad bundled her up in a blanket. They talked to her, kissed her and reassured her – and me – that everything was going to be good. Myrtle was here for 15 years and lived a wonderful life. She was a rescue cat and landed in the lap of luxury – spoiled to the core. Then off they went to the veterinarian’s office and came home a few hours later in tears. Since then, the mourning has eased for my humans, but not a day goes by without Myrtle in the back of their minds.

Since my sister’s passing I have been reading about the grieving process when it comes to losing your pet. It’s so similar to the stages you would go through when a beloved human passes. But I have discovered not all people understand that losing a furry friend is just as hard as when a person passes. Don’t allow people who are not “pet people” to belittle your feelings.  I can’t believe the number of times someone has said to my family, “just go get another pet.” Walk away from them and just let it go. Some people who don’t understand the importance of pets actually just think they are being helpful by saying these things. Since you won’t be able to change their minds, just avoid them instead of spending a lot of time explaining yourself. You know what your pet meant to you so enjoy the wonderful memories.

Whisker Fabulous' Everywhere Eddie and Sister Myrtle

Snuggle Time

As for me, I’m  holding my own. We’ll see what the future brings. I am very social and love being with my mom and dad. They dote on me just like they did with my sweet sister. OK, I probably should confess, I did pounce on Myrtle a few too many times but she knew it was all in fun. Even though I sound kind of angelic now with all the grief, I don’t want to sound like I was always the perfect baby brother. The only one who was truly an angel was my sister, who my mom says is now at peace. She’s no longer in pain and waiting for us to arrive at the Rainbow Bridge. Writing this post makes me feel better now. See you one day again, dear Myrtle. You’re a Whisker Fabulous soul.



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7 months ago ·

What a beautiful tribute to Myrtle, and support for pet people who suffer the loss of a dearly loved one.

I met Myrtle. I know how she got her name. I know how much she was loved by her family. and I look forward to seeing her again one day at the rainbow bridge.


Whisker Fabulous
7 months ago ·

Thank you Laurie! I am still very sad, but at least I have so many wonderful memories. Love, Everywhere Eddie


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