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Did you know one of the reasons I started blogging was to help homeless cats? Since I was once a homeless feline who now lives a spoiled life, I feel like I need to give back to my species. It’s also a passion of my human, who works in animal welfare and also volunteers at a rescue called Feline Rescue in St. Paul, Minn. This is an awesome animal group because they solely focus on kitties. To them, cats are their world!  The volunteers there recently introduced me to a fella named Dante, who has been in the shelter for quite some time. He’s in a foster home right now and has been waiting patiently for the right home. I recently called him up to find out what his deal is, because I want him to find a home like mine!

Farley: Hi Dante!

Dante: Hi Farley!

Farley: How are you Dante? What are you up to?

Whisker Fabulous' Dante at attention!

Can I live with you?

Dante: I just woke up from a nap. I love to sleep… it’s important for a senior kitty like me to get my beauty sleep. In fact, I’ve discovered that sleep, a good nutritional diet and a little bit of play is what I need to look this good.  If I do say so myself, I am a debonair gentleman. My foster mom tells me that all the time.

Farley: I have heard. You have some quirks.

Dante:  Quirks? No. I am a mellow cat who does not like noise or other animals. If I come to your house I need to be the only pet. I need my very own human and my own space.

Farley: Wowee! You are kind of demanding.

Dante: No, not demanding at all. I am just a senior who has experienced life and I know what I want.  With a lot of trial, error and research, the folks at Feline Rescue figured out what I need. This is actually the second time I have been up for adoption.  Originally, I was adopted out to a lady that had other cats and that did not go well. I had diabetes and pancreatitis and my former feline housemates bullied me, so I refused to use the litterbox. It was a horrible situation because I was peeing all over the house and upsetting my former person. I was also overweight and got some sores on my body. In an act of desperation, the person returned me to the rescue.That was more than six months ago, since then my life has changed completely.

Farley: That’s so interesting! How has your life changed?

Dante: After some observation and veterinary testing, the volunteers at the rescue figured out the correct amount of insulin I need to get my glucose levels normal. I also got put on some prescription cat food, which helped me lose weight and clear up my coat. As for the litter box problems, since I am the only cat and all the litter boxes are mine, I haven’t had any accidents.  My life is so awesome. I love my foster mom, but it would be nice to have a permanent home that is just like this one.

Whisker Fabulous' Homeless cat Dante

I need a loving home where I can be me!

Farley: That’s so cool. I bet there is someone out there that has the perfect home for you. What else can you tell me about you?

Dante: I like to sleep with my foster mommy for a little bit and then I go to my cat bed for the rest of the night. I wake up every day at 7 a.m. to eat, which is also when my human gives me my insulin shot. I get two shots a day and my foster mom says it’s pretty easy. You give me them in my thigh or flank, typically when I am chowing down in the morning and evening. After that I sit by the window, take a nap, eat lunch, take a nap, eat dinner then sit on the couch with the family. Around midnight, I get a snack before bed. I also love popcorn if I can steal it from the humans.

Farley: I spoke to your foster mom… she says you are calm and restful most of the time, but if a string or cord is wiggled in front of you, you trap the end under your paw, pick it up in your mouth and walk away. You also love brushing along your back and tummy. Is that true?

Dante: Yes it is.

Farley: She also said you were very sweet.

Dante: Ok, I am.

Farley: We need to get you adopted to the right home Dante… you need to strut your stuff on the internet and show people what an awesome dude you are!

Dante: I know. I think the fact I have diabetes scares people.

Farley: Well, they need to know it’s an easy disease to treat and you can have a long productive life. The folks at Feline Rescue will teach a potential adopter how to care for you and show you how easy it is to give you shots every day. Many people with diabetic cats say they feel empowered they can do all this to help their cat. I want to see you adopted as soon as possible. The right family is out there!

Dante: Thanks Farley. I appreciate your vote of confidence.

Farley: Hang in there Dante… there’s a family that’s right for you, just don’t give up hope!

Whisker Fabulous' Homeless cat Dante

I love soft snuggly things

Are you interested in adopting my friend Dante? He’s such an amazing, loving kitty and one of my best friends. To find out more about him go to Feline Rescue’s website. Of course, there are plenty of other cats like Dante that need homes. Please adopt from an animal shelter or rescue group. It’s what you can do to eliminate the overpopulation of pets. A world with no homeless animals is a world that’s Whisker Fabulous!

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