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Happy New Year!

Hi! It’s me Josie and my little cat brother Farley.  Did you have a nice Christmas? We did. Mommy got us some nice presents… but we think they’re more for her than us. At least that’s what our human Daddy thinks. This year Mommy decided to spend the bulk of her holiday money on me and my kitty brother. Since our human family members don’t really exchange presents anymore, it made perfect sense. Our hooman figures with all the happiness we bring her, she should lavish us to make us even more adorable.

Farley: Yeah, I’m pretty cute so I deserve it. But to be honest, I think my old stuff is just fine. But I don’t care, because Mom says I look so cute in the new stuff and that’s all that matters. I got two cat beds for Christmas. The first one is called a Napping JoJo. My mom saw it on Etsy and decided I needed one, especially since it was on sale. Who doesn’t want to see a kitty in a sneaker?

Whisker Fabulous' Farley in a sneaker bed

Then she got me a Sleepypod mobile pet bed. She plans on swapping out my sneaker bed with this bed every few weeks. The Sleepypod actually has a practical purpose. Mums is taking me on a car ride to Kansas City in April and she wanted a bed for me that would work in a car. It can be secured through the seatbelts and I can be secured into the bed so she can leave the top off and see me. The bed also assures that I can’t walk around and distract her while she is driving. The manufacturer recommends using the Sleepypod as a bed at home so when I go on the trip I will be used to it and find it to be a place of security.

Whisker Fabulous' Farley in his Sleepypod bed

Josie: As for me, I got the World of Angus five second dog parka. It is a Canadian made dog coat that pops on and off in five seconds. The outside of the coat is made of a a waterproof nylon and the inside is warm fleece. It’s been perfect for our below zero weather here in Minnesota. My mom wanted something that was durable and made for harsh winter weather. I have trouble dealing with the cold, since I have arthritis and knee problems, so she wanted something more for substance than style. The coat is very pricey at $105.00 but well worth it. I will be wearing this coat every day for the next several  months.

Whisker Fabulous' Josie in her new winter coat

I know my mom went a little overboard on our presents. In fact, my dad thought my mom was nuts when he saw how much she spent. But she vehemently disagreed with his opinion. She thinks when all things are considered, these gifts are a bargain. The emotional gratification she receives from us far outweighs whatever money is spent.  Remember, being Whisker Fabulous is being to each… his own!

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