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It’s that time of year when you’re fresh in your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like me, you make plans to stop eating processed food, exercise more and try to prioritize things in your life. One thing I’ve never done before is make a point to tackle the stress. I recently read an article on how stress does horrible things to your body, so I decided I want to take up a relaxing activity I can (sort of) do with my pets. Coloring BookI was brainstorming things about what I could do when I received an email from fellow cat blogger Emily Parker, over at Would I like to try out her new coloring book for cat lovers? I immediately wrote back yes, because the thought of doing what I did in kindergarten intrigued me. I received the coloring book about a week later and was a little overwhelmed when I saw it. It would take a great deal of concentration to make it all look pretty and have the cats stand out. But nevertheless I pursued my artistic abilities and tried it out. I colored for about an hour. Much to my surprise, it was so much fun and very relaxing. I was so focused on staying in between the teeny lines that whatever was on my mind before went away. I think coloring will work for me as a stress reliever!

Reader’s Digest magazine recently had an article about coloring. It does so many wonderful things for you:

  • It can calm your mind.
  • It lets you nurture your inner artistic abilities
  • It can help you brainstorm new ideas.
  • It can add meaningful to life, generosity to others and increase tolerance of outsiders.
  • It can help you age gracefully.
Whisker Fabulous' writer Farley Waddlesworth loves to color cats!

Coloring is fun, especially if it’s cats!

One big bonus of coloring is that while you color it can make your dog or cat sleepy. Farley likes to lay right next to me when I color and within a few minutes he’s snoozing. Given my success in using coloring as a mindless, relaxing activity, I just had to ask Emily how she came up with the idea of a kitty coloring book.

“We have been looking into ways to serve our cat loving readers more, including putting together some special content that will really help both first time and veteran cat owners. I stumbled across adult coloring books recently on Amazon and thought it would be an amazing way for cat lovers to get a little “me” time,” the cat writer told me recently.

Of course, given the soothing aspects of petting cats and coloring, I wondered if that came into play when she was creating the coloring book. “You know, I’ve never thought about there being a connection between coloring and petting your cat, but insofar as they’re both very therapeutic and calming, I think you’re absolutely right that they’re related. Now if you can color while petting your cat, you’ll be in a state of zen in no time! Coloring BookEmily worked with a graphic designer to come up with the style and designs. She wanted to make sure there was a wide variety of cats and poses so that all cat lovers would find a page they would love to work on. She also wanted to make sure each page would take the colorer plenty of time to complete.

As for me, I definitely found a new stress reliever to start my new year off right. The coloring strokes also have an added benefit of making my cat sleepy, which is awesome since he is a tad bit overstimulated most of the day. Perhaps he can get off his head medications if I color more! (He’s on Prozac.)

Are you interested in trying out coloring? You can buy it for $6.99 through Amazon on Emily’s site. She also gave Whisker Fabulous a free copy to give to a lucky reader. Check out our Facebook page for more information on how you can win it! Hope you make your 2018 better than ever with a bit of Whisker Fabulous coloring!

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