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Hi Everyone! It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote a blog post because life has been so busy!. Mommy and me recently met the cool staff at Ruff Start Rescue, a homeless animal nonprofit in Princeton, Minn. We’re both excited because they told us all about their homeless animals that need furever families. They have some incredible dogs and cats!

We recently got to meet up with a young pup named Tickles – a lad with southern roots. First, isn’t he just a cutie?  Look at that face!

Whisker Fabulous' Tickles the Dog

Tickles is a Dachshund mix who is about a year old and 15 pounds of pure love! He loves people, other dogs, playing with toys and lounging in his dog bed. He is perfect for all types of families. But he does have a medical condition called fibrocartilaginous embolism or FCE.

It sounds kinda serious doesn’t it?  Believe it or not, it’s a fairly common disorder in dogs and cats.  FCE is when cartilage blocks the blood supply to the spinal cord. That’s why when Tickles was first found at a shelter in Louisiana, he was almost completely paralyzed. But a wonderful vet down there was able to work her magic and he made a successful recovery so he could come to Minnesota to find a home.

The dogged fella does have a few moments every now and then when he falls and stumbles, but that doesn’t stop this little whippersnapper. He always gets up right away and continues doing whatever he wants.  FCE will NOT stop him. To help his physical therapy, Tickles needs to be in an active home where he can run around and chase things. It’s important he move his miniature legs for exercise. Did I tell you he’s super smart too? He’s crate trained and always lets you know when he has to go potty.

If you’re interested in this pup, just go to Ruff Start’s webpage and fill out an application and one of their cool staffers will guide you through the adoption process. I sure hope Tickles finds a home soon. His energy and vibrant personality is contagious. You’ll love him like I do! Please help little Tickles.  He’s so Whisker Fabulous!


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I love this! tHANK YOU mARY!


Whisker Fabulous
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Thank you Amanda. XOXO Josie


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