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Whisker Fabulous Josie the dog

Did you know that I’m an adopted rescue pet? Yes I was!  I was found running around the streets of San Antonio, Tex. when a lady caught me and brought me to a shelter in Minnesota. I stayed in the shelter for more than a year because I had been abused and had difficulty coming out of my shell. I finally got a forever home when my Mom and Dad came to the shelter at the advice of a volunteer, who recommended they come see me. it was love at first site and they worked with me so I am no longer scared of anything except fireworks!

Whisker Fabulous' Josie the Dog

Whisker Fabulous’ Josie calling attention to Remember the Rescue campaign for homeless animals

Animal adoption is something my whole family cares about deeply.  My humans are passionate that you should adopt and NOT shop from a breeder.  Remember Me Thursday is a special day on September 28 to remember the millions of healthy orphan pets who have died in shelters simply because they lacked a loving home. The Humane Society of the United States estimates 3.4 million adoptable, healthy animals are euthanized every year.

On September 28, I would love it if you would tweet, tag, post and share the beauty and life-saving significance of pet adoption on social media using the hashtag #RememberTheRescue. And, If you adopted a rescue pet, please add your pet’s photo to the #RememberTheRescue social media contest for a chance to win money, food and toys for a shelter or rescue of your choice.

There are 3 ways to enter:

  • Post a photo of your rescue pet to Instagram with #RememberTheRescue AND #RememberMeThursday.
  • Post a photo of your rescue pet to Twitter with #RememberTheRescue AND #RememberMeThursday.
  • Upload a photo of your rescue pet directly to the contest website.

Also, all across the country shelters and rescue groups will be holding candle-lighting ceremonies on that day to call attention to the campaign, but since there are no ceremonies here in Minnesota that I know of, I will be lighting a virtual candle on-line at I urge you to do it too!

Whisker Fabulous' Josie the Dog

As a rescue animal myself, this campaign is near and dear to my heart

This is the sixth year of the event, which aims to unite people and pet adoption organizations on the fourth Thursday in September to be an unstoppable voice advocating for orphan pets to live in forever homes. The candles lit will shine a light on the millions of healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption and encourage communities to adopt instead of shop and reduce the millions of orphan animals euthanized each year.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego is spearheading the  grassroots movement. It has gained so much traction that hundreds of countries all over the world will be participating. It’s so interesting that we all come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, but yet we can raise our voices and share one life-saving message to help save millions of pets on this one day. That’s so Whisker Fabulous!






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caren gittleman
3 months ago ·

We will be participating for sure!! We posted about it a few days ago on our cat’s blog. See you there!! catchatwithcarenandcody


Whisker Fabulous
3 months ago ·

Awesome! We are so excited Caren and Cody!


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