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Whisker Fabulous Josie the dog

It’s been about six weeks since I wrote to you about my cruciate ligament surgery… basically the same thing as a torn ACL in a human knee. I am happy to report that my leg is feeling better and better every day.  Mom and Dad are still carrying me up and down the stairs and out to do my business, but I am walking around just fine on flat surfaces. When I am outside and I see another dog or cat I want to play with them. My human parents say no rough housing so that’s when they lift me up and carry me so I won’t go chase after them.

Check out my progress!

I am quite impatient lately; I am tired of sitting in the house and sitting in a cage when my parents aren’t home. I have to sit in my kennel because I would walk around the house when the humans were gone. The irritating thing is that my little cat brother Farley Waddlesworth just walks around the cage and laughs at me like “ha ha, you stupid dog! You have to sit in the cage.”

Up until my surgery, I attended doggie daycare, but since I love to play it was suggested that I stay home so my leg can rest. My mom hired a nice lady named Sherry to watch me and pet me while she and dad are at work. She doesn’t let me run around either but at least I get one potty break mid day while they are gone.

Whisker Fabulous Josie Recovering from Cruciate Ligament Surgery

It’s so bright outside… after sitting indoors all day long.

As for physical therapy, I am up to week six. For the past month my Dad has been making me work on range of motion exercises with the affected knee. Next week we start doing the sit and stand exercise, which involves having me sit and stand for 15 to 20 repetitions twice daily. My parents are not looking forward to that, because I never sit on command and generally never sit at all. In fact, I went to dog obedience school and the trainer got frustrated with me because I would not sit on command.  After we try that exercise, we will begin walking and stopping and going backwards. I am looking forward to that part.

After 12 weeks, my knee should be just about healed and then I will have no restrictions. I may have some arthritis in the knee but that’s just part of what happens. I am taking glucosamine joint supplements to help with that.  I take the brand Dasuquin, just because it’s what my veterinarian carries. Warning: it’s a little pricey!

Whisker Fabulous Josie the dog

Burying my head in my favorite slumber ball bed

My dad noticed that I am having trouble with the other knee now too. Vets say it’s common for 30 to 40 percent of dogs to need the other leg done soon after. I am not looking forward to doing this all over again, but at least I know I can get through it just fine.

For now, I will just continue to sit in my cage while my parents are at work, sleep all day and have the cat taunt me. I know the end is near and I can get back to going to doggie daycare and chasing my feline brother very soon. That’s going to be so Whisker Fabulous!


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