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Did you know if some nice man didn’t bring me to the humane society I could have been a feral cat? Yes! When I was only a few days old my cat mommy abandoned me! Luckily, the shelter sent me home with a foster mama who specialized in bottle baby kittens and she got me big and strong before I was adopted by my current humans at eight weeks old.

Here in Buffalo, Minnesota there are a lot of barn cats because this is a rural area. All the barn cats and feral cats who live outside are called “community cats” by our local animal rescue groups. Many of the humans who run these organizations operate programs called “T-N-R” or trap, neuter and return. It’s a pretty cool process to prevent cat overpopulation, which is actually a worldwide issue.

A feral kitty out and about!

The Animal Humane Society, where I come from, does a great job running a community cats program. They advertise to the local community that if you have too many cats or have ones lurking in your neighborhood, their staff will come out and trap them humanely, spay or neuter them and return them to where they were found.

The idea of managing community cats like this is pretty new. As recent as the 1990’s, most humane organizations actually advocated for the killing of community cats. It was awful. When my mom lived in Las Vegas years ago, she used to help a group of animal lovers trap cats behind the casinos on the Strip. She would bring them to a property in the middle of the desert where they would be spayed and neutered and live the rest of their lives. At that time, the city’s animal control would gather all the feral cats and euthanize them.

When a feral cat’s ear is tipped, it means it has been spayed or neutered.

More and more cities and humane organizations are implementing community cat programs all over the country. Studies have shown that spaying and neutering stray cats and returning them to the field is far more effective at curbing feline overpopulation than gathering all the cats and giving them a death sentence. Mummy has the firm belief that all living creatures deserve the right to co-exist on this planet and deserve compassion. The Whisker Fabulous philosophy is there is always a solution for everything… and euthanasia should not be an option.

Editor’s Note: Do you want to learn more about community cats?  Check out the Alley Cat Rescue’s Guide to Managing Community Cats by Louise Holton. It’s a super interesting read! Available at

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