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Before I was born, my mom and dad had three kitties named Elton Scoobie, Archie and Milo. My momma had had these kitties for years before she met my dad, so by the time the three met my dad they were senior cats. (Elton Scoobie actually founded this blog with my canine sister Josie.) When ma and the three kitties moved in with him, he was not happy, because they threw up all the time on his white carpet and scratched his fancy furniture.

Whisker Fabulous' Farley Waddlesworth sitting on top of his cat ladder

Me sitting on my cat ladder

Mom had tried for years to stop the cats from destroying furniture, but she finally gave up and let them tatter her couch. She had tried everything… from putting a dozen scratching posts everywhere to putting up special tape at the sides of the love seat and couch to stop them from scratching them. Nothing ever worked, so when the three senior kitties moved in they immediately started scratching dad’s furniture.

My parents never argue, but the only time they ever did was when the three senior kitties were involved. Every time there was a new tatter someplace my dad would get furious.But eventually, my mom got it in his head that it is only furniture, and it can easily be replaced. Pets are more important than furniture!

So why is there a need for kitties to scratch everything? It’s pretty simple. According to the Petco Community Blog, cats scratch to:

  • Play
  • Stretch
  • Mark their Territory
  • Remove worn out Claws
Whisker Fabulous' Farley Waddlesworth on his scratching post

Me on my scratching post

While nothing worked for my late brothers and sister, that doesn’t mean you can’t redirect your cat’s unwanted scratching. After all, cats are very individual in their preferences. My mom thinks she tried to stop them from scratching too late in their years, so they were used to destroying furniture. Old habits are hard to break! My mom also got them just after college so at that point she had really crappy furniture. She didn’t care about her hand-me-down furniture.

But if you do care about your fancy furniture here’s what the experts say you should try:

  • Put a smooth bed sheet over your couch and tuck the ends in. Cats don’t like the smoothness.
  • Put scratching posts where your cat scratches. Observe whether your cat likes their posts to be vertical or horizontal.
  • Get double sided tape on the sides of your couch, love seat and chairs. Cats don’t like their paws sticking to it.

Also pay close attention to the types of material they like to scratch.  Do they prefer carpet, wood or sandpaper? Getting their preferred “feel” can save your furniture.

As for me, my mom learned her lesson in trying to train cats, so I don’t have the issue of destroying furniture.  I personally have three scratching areas I was taught to use as a kitten. I have two vertical posts and one cat house which I can scratch horizontally, which saves my daddy’s furniture.

His furniture still has the remnants of the other kitties who once lived in the house, but mommy looks at it as special memories. It’s a special sign that her late kitties are still with us in spirit, and that’s Whisker Fabulous.

Whisker Fabulous' Farley Waddlesworth yawns big!

I always yawn when I am way up high!


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