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One of my favorite events every year is attending the BlogPaws conference. It’s a really fun time where pet bloggers from all over the world and animal-related businesses and organizations come together to celebrate the animal-human bond. The companies show their products to bloggers to help market their goods and the bloggers write reviews and showcase the products on their blogs.  While it’s great to touch base with all the companies and I appreciate the items Farley and Josie receive to try, I go primarily for three reasons: it’s the best social media training you’ll ever get, all animals are welcome and you share an amazing bond with other people simply because of your love for animals.

BlogPaws 2017

Some of the Blogger Pups at BlogPaws 2017

The presentations and seminars are taught by people who actually produce some of the best social media content you’ll ever see. I also found the conference-goers to be inclusive, warm and welcoming. There is a feeling of positivity that permeates throughout the conference; so much so, that one hotel employee working the conference told me they’ve never had so much fun coming to work.

Whisker Fabulous and the New York PupScouts

Tasha Bella the PupScout and Mom Susan

This year the conference was held in Myrtle Beach, SC. My first night I reunited with folks who were all part of PupScout troops all over the United States. There was Susan and her morkie Tasha from New York City and Brittany and Spencer the Goldendoodle, who are also fellow Minnesotans. The PupScouts are similar to the Cub Scouts, but it’s just with dogs. (Right now Brittany and I are starting up a chapter here in Minnesota. Let me know if you would like to join our local troop. By the way, Susan is also looking to expand the PupScouts to other cities.)

I also met plenty of old friends from when I attended my first BlogPaws last year. There was Tekisha Slack from YapTalk whose got big talk about little dogs on her blog. And It was fun to see therapy rats from the Healing Whiskers blog and even a dog from the Chestnut Mutts who could balance a muffin on his nose.

A talented dog at BlogPaws 2017

What a talent!

Whisker Fabulous at BlogPaws 2017

Oliver the Therapy RatI


I had originally planned to bring my kitty, Farley Waddlesworth to Blogpaws but at the last minute he came down with a bladder infection and my veterinarian didn’t think it was a good idea to take him on a plane (more on that to come in a future post). Being around other animals made me miss him, but I ended up using other people’s animals for my temporary petting needs. Spencer the Goldendoodle got a lot of my attention and Whisker Fabulous’ web developer Jon Collins liked him too.

Jon and Spencer the Goldendoodle

Whisker Fabulous Web Developer Jon Collins and Spencer the Goldendoodle

The highlight of the conference was the Red Carpet Happy Hour, which took place on the last night of the conference where everyone was dressed to the “nines.” Everyone strutted their stuff down a red carpet where a professional pet photographer snapped a shot at the end of the runway.

Tasha Bella at Blog Paws Red Carpet

Tasha Bella at BlogPaws 2017

The conference went by rather quickly even though it was four days. Not only did I learn a lot, I met new people who I now consider friends. It’s amazing how pets bring people together. You find out all the crazy things you do for your pets… they do too! Next year’s conference is in Kansas City, Mo. It’s only a six hour drive from Minnesota so I am hopeful that it will be the year I can take Farley with me, so he can experience BlogPaws and all the Whisker Fabulous fun!

Whisker Fabulous Cat at Blog Paws 2017

Sittin’ Pretty at BlogPaws 2017

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