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Hoppy day to you!

My name is Roxy and I am the new girlfriend and buddy of Riley B. King. My new mommy thought it would be good to educate Whisker Fabulous readers about bunny dating… that’s the way you introduce a new bunny to a current rabbit you already have.

Whisker Fabulous Bunny Dating

I’m the white bunny and Riley is the gray and white one


You may be wondering why my human adopted me to be Riley’s buddy. It’s simply because rabbits are social creatures who live longer, happier lives when bonded. My human mom started bonding Riley and I at the end of February. Roxy was homeless bunny at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minn. and they are an animal shelter that allows bunny dating.  After two visits mom officially adopted me because it went really well.

When we got home, mama started putting us in a neutral area since rabbits are known to get territorial over stuff. She put us together for about 15 minutes at first and made sure to end the bonding session on a positive note.

There were little hiccups along the way. If we got into a disagreement, she would put us side by side and pet our heads because she knows we both love that. The more we got along, the longer she kept us together. The biggest battle is that each of us wants the other to groom them.  We are both so stubborn that isn’t happening. One of us will put our head down in front of the other in hopes of some kisses, but it doesn’t happen.

Whisker Fabulous Rabbit Dating

Yup… we get along. Snuggle time!

In the beginning, there were times when we would ignore each other (this isn’t a bad thing). We are also trying to figure out  who is the dominant bunny. Riley continues to show me that he’s the dominant one by mounting me. I don’t mind it until about the fifth or sixth time then I nip him!  Luckily, for most of our dates we just snuggle up together. I love lying next to Riley…I just wish he would get the hint and groom me.

We’re really still working out the hierarchy of our relationship. Riley wants to be the dominant bunny but I’m not sure about that yet. Riley and I have also enjoyed eating veggies together which is a good sign. It means we are not stressed. Another bunny dating tactic is switching our stuff. Mom has also been swapping our stuffed bunnies between us so that we get used to each other’s scent. My human mom thinks we are now 75 percent ready to live together. Right now all our dates are supervised closely in case we do get into a fight. It really isn’t safe to leave two bunnies that aren’t bonded together unsupervised. I can’t wait for the day my human sets up our new living quarters and we can live happily ever after. That would be so Whisker Fabulous!

Whisker Fabulous Bunny Dating

Riley please!


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