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Farley's Grandpa

My 86-year-old Grandpa

I was naughty. Very naughty. About a month ago Mommy’s Dad, my 86-year-old Gampy, was visiting us. As usual Gampy played with me using my favorite fishing pole feather toy. But I got carried away and I grabbed on to his leg, which made him fall. And then horror upon horrors! He broke his wrist. He called Mommy right away, who came home and took him to the Urgent Care Center where they wrapped him up and told him he had to go see an orthopedic surgeon first thing in the morning. He was in pain so I felt really bad and really sad.

The next morning Mommy and Gampy went to see a very nice doctor named Dr. Devanshu Kansara at a clinic in Monticello, Minn. After some X-rays and other observations it was decided that Gampy should get an operation on his wrist the next week and he should stay with Mom and GOM (my Dad) until he gets better.

Farley Waddlesworth

Super sweet…. for now!

Being a rambunctious one year old cat, Mommy and GOM decided that I should be separated from my elderly Gampy while they were at work and we were at home. I got put in solitary confinement in a spare bedroom and Gampy got the run of the house. I guess it was only fair, but I don’t like being by myself and I wanted the world to know it. I scratched at the door for several hours, day after day, until I realized the door was not going to open until my hooman parents got home.

My bad behavior was the final straw for my Mommy, who had been exacerbated with me in recent weeks because I was randomly attacking her and GOM as they walked by me. After the accident, she contacted my behaviorist who came over and immediately put me on kitty Prozac for impulsiveness. I’ve been taking the little pills for about a week now and Mommy thinks I’m calmer, but they say it takes two months for the anti-depressant to take full effect.

Farley Asleep

Sleepytime after a long day of biting hoomans

Gampy finally went home for a week because his wrist was improving, but Mommy is going to pick him up again soon for his follow-up appointment so he can get rid of his cast. Gampy says he’s not mad at me, but he doesn’t think it’d be smart for him to play with me again. He’s a little afraid that I’ll strike again so it was decided that me and old people aren’t a good match.

But of course there is a positive side to everything!  Gampy’s doctor is impressed with his health. In fact, Dr. Kansara said he typically wouldn’t repair a broken wrist on a person Gampy’s age. But Gampy is in such good shape he thought he would get through the surgery just fine. And he did! My family is grateful Gampy has nothing more than a bad wrist, he’s in excellent health with no major health ailments. Some would say that’s a great Whisker Fabulous ending to a Farley-caused freak accident.

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2 years ago ·

Farley no no !!!


Whisker Fabulous
2 years ago ·

I was bad. 🙁


Carol lafleur
2 years ago ·

Farley, you have to learn to be a little more careful. We still love you.


Whisker Fabulous
2 years ago ·

Awwww… thanks Carol. Love you too!


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