Whisker MediaWhisker Fabulous is not only Josie and Farley Waddleworth’s webpage, but the official blog of Whisker Media, a video marketing production and public relations company based in Minneapolis, MN and focused on businesses and nonprofits that want great, emotional storytelling.

Whisker Media began in 2013 and Josie and her late feline brother, Elton Scoobie, were named brand ambassadors later that year. After Elton Scoobie passed away in July of this year, Farley Waddlesworth joined the team as the feline ambassador. Both the company, Josie and Farley Waddlesworth want folks to know everyone can put their best paw forward, whether it’s raising money for a charity or getting new customers to boost sales. Given our name, it is in Whisker Media’s future business plan to eventually donate a portion of our profits to animal organizations who serve homeless animals locally and nationally.

Josie is a special needs pet and former homeless animals who takes life one day at a time despite her personal trials and tribulations. Farley Waddlesworth was an abandoned kitten at two weeks old but doesn’t let that rough start stop him from his zest for life! Both want everyone to know we’re all fabulous, even in a world that’s full of challenges.



We are constantly looking for topics to write about. If you have any cool things that make life fabulous for pets or humans, you should send us an email at info@whiskerfabulous.com. Wanna hang out with us more often? Connect with us on Facebook, PinterestTwitter and Instagram, also don’t forget to subscribe to email notifications!


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