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In the wild, cats seek, hunt and play. It's in their genetics to pounce on things to find their food. But when pet cats are in a home, all too often it's just a life of leisure and laziness, which involves eating out of a food bowl in just a few gulps and then napping all day. For a human, that's a pretty nice life. But when your cat has nothing to do, that's when all kinds of things can happen.

Not only can bored cats get into mischief, but they can get fat.  I live in Minnesota and a Banfield Pet Study reports that Minnesotans have the fattest pets in the entire country. (That's not surprising to me, in my own neighborhood most of the neighbor dogs are a little plump.)

When I got my latest cat, Farley Waddlesworth, the boredom meant random attacks at my ankles, feet or arms because he got bored with the dozens of little catnip toys I bought him. It also meant multiple food puzzle purchases which he would figure out in approximately five minutes. Nothing seemed to keep this boy busy!

I recently received Doc & Phoebe's Cat Co. No Bowl Feeder from the great folks at Hauspanther, an amazing website for unique cat furniture and design, accessories and toys. At first I was skeptical... yet another feeder that Farley will figure out immediately. But I decided to try it and I have to admit, it's pretty cool and Farley loves it. I can keep him busy for hours.

So what is it? It's five cute little plastic mice which you fill with food and hide throughout your house. You start with a trainer mouse which doesn't have the cool mouse-eared cover on it. You put it out overnight so your cat can figure out how it works in private. (Remove your regular food bowl too so he or she is forced to use the trainer.)

Whisker Fabulous Blogger Farley Waddlesworth

Farley and his mice