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Welcome to my blog!

I’m Farley Waddlesworth, a former homeless kitten who turned into a spoiled rotten cat. I’m bold and beautiful and here to give you and your kitty the scoop on getting fancy while you master the art of fine feline living. All views are my own and written with the help of my human because she has the opposable thumbs.

Whisker Fabulous Cat Writer Farley Waddlesworth
The All New Whisker Fabulous: The Art of Fine Feline Living
After four years being a dog and cat blog, Whisker Fabulous will now be solely focused on cats. This decision
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Whisker Fabulous Cute cat in plastic litter box on floor
Clean your cat’s litter box every day in the new year
If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a dirty litter box. I’m lucky because my human has obsessive compulsive
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Whisker Fabulous' Farley Waddlesworth
Farley’s favorite things your cat needs
Did you know I am the spokescat for fine feline living? Because of that, it is my duty to tell
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Whisker Fabulous' Farley Waddlesworth and his Louis Vuitton scarf
Going to the Emergency vet means a New Louis vuitton scarf for me
This past Thanksgiving was very busy in my household. The house was full of relatives and I got plenty of
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Whisker Fabulous Cat Reading
Antiques, murder and a cat: purr-fect suspense for the cat lover
Note from Farley: I’m taking a week off to snooze because I just want some time off to recharge. My
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Cute little girl sleeping on sofa with fluffy cat
Should you Sleep with your cat?
I sleep with my human every night, but at a recent doctors appointment, my mom’s doctor told her that was
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