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Whisker Fabulous Writer Farley Waddlesworth

If there's one thing I have absolutely have no tolerance for, it's a dirty litter box. I demand a clean litter box every day and I am lucky my hoomans feel the same way. The first thing either my mom or dad do in the morning is scoop out the litter box. When they come home it's the same thing. My box is always clean and never soiled for more than a few hours.

They do this because they have a little bit of compulsive, obsessive disorder, but also do this because my mom read an article about the importance of a clean litter box. While kitties like myself are cute and wonderful... hanging out with us means cleaning our litter box on a regular basis. You really shouldn't be lazy when you own a cat or any pet for that matter. It takes responsibility and I see many loving pet owners fail to see that they can harm their pet's health due to their laziness.

Whisker Fabulous Cat Writer Farley Waddlesworth

Waiting for my bathroom to be cleaned