Posted by Josie


This is the time of year I absolutely dread. Soon we will be in the month of ka-booms, lights and sparklers that will absolutely freak me out. Yes, I hate fireworks. Absolutely despise them. I'm so scared of them I shake, tremble and run into my cage. I get that it's our nation's birthday, but what irritates me is the fireworks continue in my neighborhood for the ENTIRE month of July. It also doesn't help that I live in a more rural, farming  area in Minnesota, so the fireworks people light up are big displays. As one neighbor says, "we live in God's Country and out here we do what we want."

Whisker Fabulous' Dog Writer Josie Enevoldsen

Exhausted after last year's fireworks.

So... for the next 30 days I will live in a state of constant fear. Here's how I will deal with it:

  • Have a very comfy soft blanket in my kennel, complete with a few treats because once I seclude myself, I will stay in my cage for at least two to four hours. I won't eat the treats because I'm too scared, but it's never bad to have treats-in-waiting you can eat after you are no longer hearing the crazy noise.
  • Will put a Thundershirt on, even though Mom is not sure it works. Since she invested in one she feels obligated for me to use it.  A Thundershirt is basically hug therapy - being swaddled like a baby with a coat that ties together with velcro.
  • Make sure I go potty during the daylight....number one and number two. Once the booms start I'm usually too scared to relieve myself, so I must be prepared to hold it for quite awhile. Maybe even till the next morning!